That’s right, like most portugueses, we too are fans of Bruno Nogueira’s “Como é que o Bicho Mexe?” (daily instagram lives with some portuguese personalities that has became a huge success). If you are a regular in the lives, you know that Nuno Markl’s love life and his eligible bachelor status are frequent topics.

We wanted to be supportive to this cause and figured why not give it a little push? That’s how the amazing was born, so that all the applicants can try their luck, sending their application as a love declaration!

The concretization of this movement into a real landing page gave us a news spot at Sapo Magazine ( and an article at the Echo Boomer portal (

We reassure that the personal information collected is not going to be used in any marketing campaign or for any different end. Also important to say that we intend to keep on making the world a better place with more holding hands, cinema, care and “trungalhunga”.

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