Via Delle Rose Portugal is now officially our second Go Live for this brand, after the spanish e-commerce launch a few months back! We were responsible for them both.

What’s so interesting about these e-commerces is that we were able to integrate the invoicing system and the transportation system with Shopify platform. Which is literally any e-commerce manager’s dream because it really, really automates all of the billing and shipping processes, saving a lot of time and resources.

Besides that, they’re both really robust e-commerces, not only due to the integrations, but also because of their offer. We’re talking about being able to have more than 1 000 products available.

VDR is an italian brand, present in more than 20 countries worldwide, being Portugal and Spain now two of them. They also have two physical stores here: one in Madrid, the spanish capital, and another in Oporto, Portugal. The brand is recognized by its disruptive, out of the box style and products, and that’s what really makes it stand out.

We’re so happy about this project and super ready to make our web design skills fly into the country Via Delle Rose decides to go next!

Perto Creative Agency